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The Purpose

Every church and church leader encounters barriers to making the impact God is calling your church to have in your community. Our mission at The Malphurs Group is to equip you to break through barriers and maximize your impact. Strategic Envisioning is a process that is designed to help you identify your church’s barriers and design a pathway for your success that is authentic to who you are, where you are, and when you are. We envision a future where local congregations are healthy, growing, and unleashed to transform our culture by the power of the Spirit with love and action.

The Process

Strategic Envisioning does not bring a “cookie cutter” approach to working with churches. Instead, TMG’s process is designed to create a unique plan that is authentic to you. The Strategic Envisioning Process breaks down into five key steps:

1. Prepare | The first step focuses on preparing the church for the process, recruiting a team who will guide the process, and undergoing a series of assessments to help TMG better understand the challenges, opportunities, and culture of your church.

2. Prioritize | The second step focuses on discovering and articulating your church’s unique identity, especially as it is encapsulated in your Mission (What does the Great Commission mean in our context?), Core Values (What is the Kingdom Culture that we are building?), and Discipleship Pathway (What do we believe is central to the disciple-making process?).

3. Process | The third step focuses on equipping teams in five core strategy areas that contribute to the health and growth of the church: Community Outreach, Congregational Mobilization, Staffing, Guest Experience/Facility, and Finances. The end goal of the training is the development of a clear vision for the church in these areas, and the creation of concrete action plans.

4. Perceive | The fourth step is focused on developing a clear Vision for the future of the church. Now that you know who you are, you can determine where you are going. Our process helps churches think through Vision in three parts: Vision Impact (What undeniable impact is God calling us to make in the next five years?), Vision Breakthroughs (What systemic and cultural shifts must occur for us to have our impact?), and Vision Indicators (What is our dashboard for success, so we know we are making progress?).

5. Perform | The Malphurs Group partners with churches through a 12-month, four-part implementation cycle (Make, Move, Measure, and Modify). The church will solidify its action plans (Make). The church will do the work it has planned to do (Move). The church will check its results against the developed dashboard (Measure). The church determines if adjustments are necessary (Modify). The goal of our process is to equip churches to sustain the Make, Move, Measure, Modify system over the long-term.

To learn more about The Malphurs Group and our process, click here.

The Malphurs Group has been pre-vetted and approved by the Regular Baptist Builders Club for participation in the Lift Up Grant program. To partner with The Malphurs Group and apply for a Lift Up Grant, please click here.

Church Check-up Assessment

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