Our Process

Who does The Malphurs Group partner with?

More than 80% of churches have plateaued in attendance or are in decline. And every church has barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential. The Malphurs Group was founded with a heart for the global Church! Our focus is to see the Kingdom of God expand through the local church, and so we primarily partner with individual congregations. TMG is a non-denominational ministry, allowing us to work with Biblically-minded, evangelical churches in a variety of different traditions. Download our statement of beliefs, which are our only “essentials” in determining partner churches.

Healthy churches require healthy leaders. The Malphurs Group works directly with pastors, elders, and other Christian leaders to help them increase their leadership potential. Through coaching and training, The Malphurs Group helps leaders grow in their core competencies, emotional intelligence, management skills, strategic thinking, and visioning capacity.

Denominational groups such as local associations, state conventions, conferences, and others play a critical role in the health of the local church. These organizations have an established, long-term relationship and trust with congregations that is difficult to replicate! For this reason, TMG partners with organizations to bring world-class training and consulting to groups of churches so that organizations can focus on what they do best: supporting and resourcing local congregations.

Authentic to who you are...

Your church has a distinct identity. Your history, traditions, cultural values, theological beliefs, and leadership culture combine to create an identity that cannot be re-created anywhere else. Rather than try to change your church into something that simply isn’t you, The Malphurs Group seeks to see your church transform into the healthiest version of itself. Our services are designed to take you through a process that produces a model that’s authentic to who you are.

Authentic to where you are...

Your city is different than a city on the west coast, east coast, or midwest. Frankly, it’s different than the next city over. If we’re really honest, your church’s neighborhood is different than others within your city. For this reason, The Malphurs Group does not take a “cookie cutter” approach that seeks to replicate what seems to be working in another town in another part of the country. Our services are designed to take you through a process that produces a model that’s authentic to where you are.

Authentic to when you are...

Churches often struggle with the reality that while their building has not moved in many years, the world around them has moved. In a very real sense, churches find themselves in a completely different neighborhood than they were in even ten years ago. The goal is not for a church to become “cool,” but to understand that they are missionaries in a new day. Our services are designed to take you through a process that produces a model that’s authentic to when you are.

A process, not a model.

A biblical approach

We think spiritually about strategic things, and strategically about spiritual things.

Some churches and leaders fear that if they engage in a strategic process that they are stifling the Holy Spirit, or that it is unbiblical to engage in strategic planning. After all, where do we see such efforts in the Bible? As it turns out, all over the place! From Moses to Nehemiah to Paul to Jesus, we see a remarkable amount of strategic thinking and planning in the Bible. All of our training is rooted in the Scriptures. We will always advocate for your church to pursue biblical methods as your church changes and grows.

Vision-focused, Strategy-driven Services.

Our services clarify your vision through actionable strategies.

Strategic Envisioning

The Malphurs Group’s flagship service is our Strategic Envisioning process. This a comprehensive strategic planning process that helps a church to assess their current reality, prioritize identity formation, develop six core strategies, and clarify their vision. Designed to help both growing and declining churches, Strategic Envisioning will take your church to the next level.

Leadership Pipeline Design

Leadership development is one of the most over-looked aspects in struggling churches. Strategic plans will make a limited impact without the volunteer leadership to move them forward. Our Leadership Pipeline Design service helps church build a custom leadership development system that increases the number of volunteers and higher-capacity leaders.

First Impressions Evaluation

Our First Impressions Evaluation helps congregations to see their church through the eyes of a guest. It includes a comprehensive analysis of your physical campus, digital setting, and your guest experience. TMG examines everything from your website to your parking lot. Churches that make a deep impact excel at connecting with newcomers.

Leadership Coaching

The Malphurs Group works directly with pastors and leaders to increase their leadership capacity. Seminaries do an excellent job training pastors to preach, but they often fall short in training pastors to lead. Leadership Coaching from TMG is specifically designed to fill in the gaps that seminary left out. Each leadership coaching program is designed for the individual’s needs.

Church Planter Coaching

Church planting is nearly impossible to do alone. The Malphurs Group’s expert consulting team relieves the pressure through a blended coaching/project management model. TMG helps planters avoid common mistakes, and equips church planters build momentum for a healthy launch. Each program is designed according to the needs of the church planter.