helpING youR CHuRCH experience healthy, sustainable growth.

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> Do you feel like you’re always chasing the next big idea but are frustrated by your results?

> Does your leadership team have competing dreams and plans for the future?

> Does the majority of the ministry “work” fall on the same, few people?


Experience a breakthrough by unifying your church around the few, core decisions and systems that can transform your church.


Strategic Envisioning

Gain momentum by developing organizational clarity, an aligned pathway for disciple-making, and a compelling vision for the future.

Leadership Pipeline

Move your church to the next level by implementing a systemic approach to recruiting, training, and launching qualified leaders at every level.


Become the healthy, high-capacity leader God is calling you to be by partnering with a coach who cares.

grants to make it possible

We believe you shouldn’t have to be a big church to have a big impact, and you shouldn’t have to have a big budget to get help in that process.

The Malphurs Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and works hard to keep costs as minimal as possible. Additionally, churches that average 500 or fewer in worship attendance may qualify for grant funding, pending approval.

At the end of the day, our goal is to see your church make an undeniable impact for Christ in your community, and we will do everything we can to make that possible.


A process, Not a Model

We believe that no two churches are the same. Our process-oriented approach focuses on creating a shared dream and plan that generates disciple-making momentum for your church, and is authentic to who you are, where you are, and when you are.

A BIBLICAL approach

Your church needs to think spiritually about strategic things and think strategically about spiritual things. All of our training is rooted in the Scripture. We continuously advocate for your church to pursue biblical methods as your church changes and grows.

We Aim for Healthy, SUSTAINABLE Growth

God’s design is for healthy things to grow. We help your church identify barriers of dysfunction so that you can break through and make inroads into your community like never before. We help you create a model for sustainable, healthy church growth for years to come.


“People have been joining every week. We have been having a list of new visitors each week. New ministries and outreach methods have begun. All in all, the church is moving forward…” Dave Becker

Granbury, TX

“TMG delivers to the local church perhaps one of the best models for implementing strategic planning that I have seen. Their heart for developing leadership skills in the lives of our church leaders is evident.” Mark Peterkins

Ottawa Christian Leadership Centre

“Join with us in praise… Sunday sanctuary worship attendance is up an average of over 100 people (approximately 15%) in the last 10 weeks versus the same weeks last year!” Rick Frazier

Boston, MA