Resourcing global pastors to  make disciples  &

grow leaders.

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Hover over each continent to learn their unique challenges.

Indigenous pastors need support to accomplish the Great Commission.

More than 98% of Europe's 810 million residents do not have a relationship with Jesus.

African pastors have limited access to high-quality Bible and leadership training resources.

An estimated 550 million people in Central & South America are not actively following Jesus.

Asia has the largest concentration of non-Christians in the world. The growing Asian Church faces intense political opposition.

Global church leaders deserve access to high-quality training and resources so they can reach their communities with the Good News about Jesus Christ.

Training missionaries is expensive.
Resourcing global pastors is affordable.

The average cost of supporting
a missionary is $60,000 each year.

We can train a global pastor for $2,200 one time.


The Malphurs Group can train an indigenous pastor for less than 4% of the cost of supporting a single missionary for a year.

Statistics provided by the International Mission Board.


300+ Indigenous Pastors Enrolled in Free Online Training

Leveraging the digital platform we built for churches in North America, we will enroll at least 300 global churches in our Strategic Envisioning and Leadership Pipeline Online portal for free. This provides churches with hours of high-quality training content to help them make disciples and grow leaders.

150+ Indigenous Pastors Attend a Free In-Person Workshop

The Strategic Envisioning & Leadership Pipeline workshops help churches implement the training in their unique context. We envision at least 150 church leaders attending a regional workshop–giving them hands-on help in creating a plan for their church. Additionally, a growing number of indigenous Guides are being trained to help churches one-on-one.

Our Strategy

Step 1: Launch Healthy Churches Global Website is accessible now and serves as the landing page for all international churches and church leaders to sign-up for access to our online training platform.

Right now, global pastors can sign up and access our online training portal which includes our Strategic Envisioning training (and will soon host our Leadership Pipeline Design training).


Step 2: Host Six Regional Training Events

Our team has selected six strategic locations to host free workshop/training events around the globe. Each event is designed to help indigenous pastors apply the Biblical principles we teach in our online training in their unique context.

By leveraging existing partnerships with other organizations plus our growing grassroots base of online users, we believe we can train a minimum of 150 leaders for free through these events. Our projected 2023 events will be in Europe, India, South America, Australia, and two in Africa.


Step 3: Expand Digital Resources

Over the course of 2023, The Malphurs Group plans to add a resource library of 100+ downloadable resources, host monthly live online workshops, and increase access to our Church Ministry Analysis service.

We plan to offer these resources at a low-cost to US-based churches through a subscription-based model that helps subsidize offering these resources at no-cost to international churches. We call this our One-to-One Partnership Model. Churches in the United States can feel good knowing that they're blessing pastors around the world, even as they use tools to help them make disciples and grow leaders.


Your investment is  changing eternities  all around the world.

The resources from the Malphurs Group are grounded in biblical principles that can be applied practically in any church context. 

With the help of well-designed online tools and in-person consulting, our international, multi-cultural church is now living out a biblical mission and values, refined our discipleship pathway, and renewed our vision for Gods future.

Scott Corwin

Pastor, International Baptist Church of Berlin

Donations processed through The National Christian Foundation.

Funding & Finances


Service Fees

North American Churches pay affordable consulting fees for Strategic Envisioning & Leadership Pipeline Design. Additionally, the Malphurs Group charges a certification fee for new Guides to lead these on-site processes. Churches in North America can feel proud knowing that their investment in their own health is helping to resource international churches.

We project a net revenue of $50,000 in 2023 to be dedicated to funding global ministry.



The Malphurs Group needs donors like you to enable our dedicated team to deliver training and resources to global pastors at no cost.

The Malphurs Group’s model relies on resourcing indigenous pastors who already have cultural awareness, language skills, and networks of relationships. Therefore, every dollar donated to the Healthy Churches Global initiative is targeted at helping pastors be even more effective and reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus. Because of our focus on equipping indigenous pastors, each dollar goes further than traditional missionary models.

We project a fundraising goal of $280,000 in 2023 to meet the demand for resources in our global ministry.

Expenses & Income

The Malphurs Group expects to have approximately $50,000 from North American Church Service Delivery fees that can subsidize our international work.

With an overall projected budget of $330,000 to accomplish our international ministry goals, this leaves a $280,000 fundraising gap.

To see more detailed budget breakdown, click here.

2023 Budget Percentages

  • Staff Salaries & Benefits 48% 48%
  • International Guide Support (Contract Labor) 12% 12%
  • International Travel Costs 15% 15%
  • International Workshop Costs 14% 14%
  • Operational & Administrative Costs 6% 6%
  • Marketing 5% 5%

Your Trust Matters

The Malphurs Group is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and has the platinum seal of transparency from Guidestar. We partner with the National Christian Foundation to process all online donations.

Impacting Leaders Around the World.

Churches in India are poised for growth.

Having free access to resources from Healthy Churches Global has been a blessing.
The tools and training helped me and my team establish important vocabulary that explains why we do what we do.

The personal assistance I received from the team has been phenomenal. The leaders at The Malphurs Group Ministry genuinely care. They come alongside churches and help them establish a Great Commission focus, a pathway for discipleship, and a vision for the future.

Karan T.

Pastor, Pune, India

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