Resourcing global churches to  make disciples  &

grow leaders.

Churches around the world face significant challenges.

More than 98% of Europe's 810 million residents do not have a relationship with Jesus.

African pastors have limited access to high-quality Bible and leadership training resources.

An estimated 550 million people in Central & South America are not actively following Jesus.

Asia has the largest concentration of non-Christians in the world. The growing Asian Church faces intense political opposition.

Healthy Churches Global provides no-cost tools, training, and in-person strategic planning help to empower pastors to grow Great Commission Churches around the world.

Statistics provided by the International Mission Board.


In the book of Judges, God called Gideon to lead a small army of just 300 men to defeat a vast force. Gideon’s story reminds us that God can accomplish great things through a dedicated few. In the same way, we believe God is inviting you to link arms with likeminded believers to ignite the flame of church revitalization around the world.

Just as God called Gideon’s army, we are seeking 300 passionate churches or individuals to join us in advancing this vital Kingdom cause by supporting our international ministry with a monthly gift of $100.

What is Operation Gideon?

Lead a Missions Team or Committee?

Our 2024 goal of raising up a group of 300 donors contributing $100 per month is intended to include both individuals and churches. We recognize that your church supports a broad range of impactfut global missions, and ask you to add the cause of global church revitalization to your roster of ministries by supporting Healthy Churches Global. If you lead a missions team or committee and would like some documentation about our 2024 Campaign – Operation Gideon, click the button below.

Your Monthly Gift Enables:

Digital Resource Development & Distribution

Healthy Churches Global provides no-cost digital training and tools to churches around the globe. This ensures that every global pastor has access to first-rate strategic planning training, tools, and frameworks to any place with an internet connection. This first step guarantees access to quality resources even before we can send a trainer in-person. In the last year, leaders from every continent signed up for access to these no-cost resources and is growing every year.

Expanded Collaboration with Global Networks

Healthy Churches Global has build solid and enduring partnerships with likeminded networks of churches like the International Baptist Convention and the Missional International Church Network to be their primary source for church health and revitalization. These relationships are foundational to building trust with churches around the world as we expand access and awareness of Healthy Churches Global’s resources.

In-Person, Hands-On Strategic Planning

While digital training is affordable and an excellent first-step, there is no replacement for the incarnation approach of in-person revitalization help. Your monthly gifts enable our team to work one-on-one with churches to see them make more disciples and grow more leaders in their unique context. In the last twelve months, Healthy Churches Global partnered with churches in Central America, Europe, Canada, and Africa, with plans to serve even more churches over the next twelve months.

Mobilizing a Global Team of Certified Guides

The most cost-effective way for Healthy Churches Global to provide in-person, hands-on help for churches around the world is to train and deploy regional certified Guides. In the last year, we deployed two new Europe-based Guides to meet the growing demand of churches. Your monthly gift helps cover travel and training costs associated with deploying these global leaders. In 2024, we plan to train and deploy multiple Guides in Africa to meet the ever-growing requests across the continent.

Your investment is  changing eternities  all around the world.

The resources from the Malphurs Group are grounded in biblical principles that can be applied practically in any church context. 

With the help of well-designed online tools and in-person consulting, our international, multi-cultural church is now living out a biblical mission and values, refined our discipleship pathway, and renewed our vision for Gods future.

Scott Corwin

Pastor & Certified Malphurs Group Revitalization Guide, International Bible Fellowship | Gams, Switzerland

See the Impact of Healthy Churches Global Around the World:

Latin America



Join the Battle for Church Revitalization

Our Goal: 300 Churches or Individuals Contributing $100/mo to Global Church Revitalization by December 2024.

By joining Operation Gideon, you not only help cover the administrative, operational, and travel costs of our international ministry but also empower hundreds of churches within our network to maximize their Kingdom impact and reach even more people with the transformative message of Jesus.

Together, we can answer God’s call and equip His Church to advance the Great Commission like never before. Will you be one of the 300 to join Operation Gideon today?

Expenses & Income

Healthy Churches Global is designed to be as fiscally efficient as possible. We have a passion for stewardship and find every opportunity to minimize costs while accomplishing our mission of global church revitalization.

Operation Gideon can fully-fund the administrative, operational, and travel costs associated with Healthy Churches Global’s international ministry. A dedicated band of 300 donors giving $100 monthly ensures that hundreds of churches around the world are given the resources they need to expand their Kingdom impact.

2024 Budget Overview

  • Personnel ($200,000)
  • International Travel ($50,000)
  • International Guide Contract Labor ($40,000)
  • International Workshop Overhead ($40,000)
  • Administrative & IT ($20,000)
  • Fundraising & Promotion ($10,000)

Impacting Leaders Around the World.

Churches in India are poised for growth.

Having free access to resources from Healthy Churches Global has been a blessing.
The tools and training helped me and my team establish important vocabulary that explains why we do what we do.

The personal assistance I received from the team has been phenomenal. The leaders at The Malphurs Group Ministry genuinely care. They come alongside churches and help them establish a Great Commission focus, a pathway for discipleship, and a vision for the future.

Karan T.

Pastor, Pune, India

Your Trust Matters

The Malphurs Group is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and has the platinum seal of transparency from Guidestar. We partner with the National Christian Foundation to process all online donations.

Be the reason churches  maximize their impact. 

Together we are helping churches get healthy again so they can reach more people. This resource exists to showcase the impact of your generosity.

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