Strategic Envisioning

You need a proven process to make disciples and gain momentum.

The Strategic Envisioning process is designed to give you the results you need in a timeframe and cost you’ll love.

Here’s what to expect from the process:


Step One - Train

Get your whole team on the same page and headed in the right direction together


Step Two - Plan

We guide you and your team in crafting a shared dream and plan for the future


Step Three - Implement

We walk alongside you for the next twelve months, making sure you’re successful navigating this new path

No other church is just like yours.

You deserve a partner that understands that.

The last thing you need is a one-size-fits-all approach that ends in a three-ring binder filled with overwhelming to-do lists you have to then figure out on your own.

Your church family needs a shared dream and plan that takes your context into account and a trusted partner to guide you through the execution process.

So what does the Strategic Envisioning process include? We’re glad you asked!


Mission Statement Development

Rally around a bold statement that inspires your church to action, not a forgotten string of words on the back of your bulletin


Core Values That Mean Something

Develop or refine a biblically healthy discipleship culture and the characteristics that make your church unique


Outreach Strategy Development

Create a plan to meet your community’s needs and introduce more people to Jesus

Discipleship Pathway Alignment

Develop a process for maturing disciples at your church so your ministries work in unison


Vision Development

Envision the impact your church will make in the years to come and how your church will shift to reach your potential


Goals Dashboard

Receive a clear yearlong dashboard to ensure your church is staying on track towards your mission & vision

Two tracks for getting started.

The Malphurs Group offers an Online and Onsite track for Strategic Envisioning.
Explore the differences below, or connect with a Guide to help you determine the best fit for you.

Want to kick the tires?

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Questions about our process? We’ve got answers.

What's the key difference between Online and Onsite?

The process components are identical, because we believe that the pillars of church health are universal. But the experiences are very different.

The Online approach is designed for churches that are constrained by finances or have an internal facilitator already that wants to leverage our tools.

The Onsite process gets the best results because it leverages the insight and experience of our Guides and includes the hands-on help that is often instrumental in a successful strategic planning process.

Do you provide scholarships?

The Malphurs Group is a non-profit, and we believe that should be reflected in our fees. When you download a sample proposal, you’ll notice that our fees are already below the market rate for a guided strategic planning process because of the support from generous donors. Because of this, we do not offer scholarships for our on-site process. However, churches may apply for a grant for our Online process. To get that started, send us an email.

Does TMG only work with certain churches?

The Malphurs Group is not denominationally affiliated but does hold to evangelical theology. We affirm the Lausanne Covenant as our Statement of Faith. You can read it here.

How long does the process take?

Generally, the three main meetings: Train, Plan, and the Implementation Kickoff occur over three consecutive months. The Implementation process rolls out over roughly one year following your initial meetings.

How many people should be involved? And who?

We recommend you put together a Strategic Leadership Team for the process of approximately 12-15 people. The makeup of this group depends on the church, but usually includes a mixture of staff, board members, and key lay leaders that are both men and women.

Hear From Others In Your Shoes

Trust the process!  It works! 

“The Strategic Envisioning process is grounded in biblical principles that can be applied practically in any church context.

With the help of well-designed resources, we’ve followed our coaches as they guided our church to recommitment to a biblical mission, reconsider our values, refine our discipleship pathway, and renew our vision for God’s future.”

Scott Corwin
International Baptist Church, Berlin, Germany

“If the Strategic Envisioning process won’t help your church get healthy, nothing will.”

Scott Hamilton
Oakland Baptist Church – Roanoke, VA


We know things never go exactly as planned.

(We’re probably preaching to the choir here.)

That’s exactly why we provide a dedicated implementation specialist to guide you throughout the process. We’re here to take this journey with you for the next twelve months.

Trusted by churches for over 20 years: