Church Website Checklist

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A website is your church’s digital front door. Before someone ever makes a decision to walk through your actual front door, most people will check your church out online to determine if they want to visit.

In fact, research indicates almost half of the people who visit a church website are going there to see when service times are, and nearly 30% are going there to find a map to your church. Sounds like new people, right?

The top ten things that matter the most about a church website have far more to do about missional investment than a financial investment. Be strategic about your website. Care what it looks like, and what it communicates about who you are. Don’t be afraid to change it. It’s the Internet. People expect things to change. People used to complain when Facebook would change the interface, now no one even notices. When your website isn’t working, go back to this checklist and think critically about where your team may need to invest time, energy, and strategic thought.

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