Mark Dunn
Home State: Texas

Denominational Experience:

Southern Baptist, Non-Denominational, Bible Church, Independent Christian Church, Charismatic-Non-Denominational, Baptist
Mark Dunn
Certified Since 2024
Certified Guide
About Mark
Mark Dunn is an experienced pastor, nonprofit leader and 4 time church planter, having been involved with churches from mega to micro in size. He has a real passion to help churches become the church that God has in mind: powerful, loving, fruitful - truly impacting their community and world for the glory of God by making disciples that make disciples.

Mark is a strong visionary, catalyst and servant-leader who loves the Lord Jesus Christ above all things. He brings a rare and versatile perspective on life. Having degrees in electronics, business, and Seminary level education, as well as years of experience excelling in military, corporate, ministry and small business environments, Mark has been crafted and gifted to build needed vision, teamwork and structure – and do it with a broad view and knowledge of the challenges that must be met. He has led multi-million-dollar defense system projects with large teams as well as multiple ministries in a mega-church.

As a Sr. Pastor and in other Pastoral roles, Mark has learned to relate well with people in most any walk of life, lead them toward a common goal, foster efficient processes and group cohesion.

Additionally, Mark is a Certified Nonprofit Executive receiving his credentials through the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (

Mark is happily married to his wife Susan, has two children and five grandchildren. Perhaps most importantly is Mr. Dunn’s desire to just hear God’s voice and do what He says.

Mark would love to bring his experience and vision to your church and guide you and your team to reclaim a clear mission and pathway for fulfilling your calling as a church.

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The Board of Cry Cameroon wishes to thank you for your many years of service to this great ministry. Your sacrifice and love for the children and staff of Harvest Children's Home and for the friends and partners here is the US have been known across the globe. <br /> <br /> Mark, we appreciate your passion and commitment to the people of Cameroon. You took them into your heart and covered them with love and support. Your dedication and leadership have inspired many future leaders in Cameroon...<br /> <br /> Through your 15 years of ministry with us, the two of you have brought strength and leadership to this ministry as we have brought hope and help to so many.<br />
Mbong Valentin

President Emeritus, Cry Cameroon USA

Mark you have been inspiring to us. We have learned a lot from you. The most impressive thing is your sincere passion to hear and obey God. That is very rare – even in Pastors. That seems to be in the back of their minds, but their ministry is in the front.
Bill Tuttle

Revelation Church