Andrea Hesterberg
Home State: International - Europe

Denominational Experience:

Non-Denominational, Bible Church, Evangelical Free, Lutheran, Independent Christian Church, International Baptist Convention
Andrea Hesterberg
Certified Since 2023
Certified Guide
About Andrea
Andrea has been part of the staff team of an international church in Düsseldorf Germany for 12 years. In her current position as Church Development Coordinator she is in charge of Leadership Development and Growth, onboarding of new members and training for all Ministry Leaders of the church. She has a passion to guide individuals to use their gifts and talents for the kingdom work and shows the same passion towards leadership teams she takes through the envisioning process.

Being a certified mediator and coach helps her to have many tools available to bring out the best results for the teams she is working with.

Andrea lives in a small town close to Duesseldorf, Germany, with her husband Josh from Colorado, and their three daughters. Wherever she goes, she takes along a book, likes to ride her bike, or take their little dog for a walk in the forest. She enjoys one on one time with friends and snowboarding in the wintertime.
Andrea Hesterberg brought an incredible combination of cultural awareness, communication excellence, and servant leadership to our church as she facilitated the process. She did a great job in all three phases of facilitating; i.e. the phases of before, during, and after our meetings. Before coming to our church in person, she provided preparatory materials for our church, carefully reviewed our church’s history, and asked pertinent questions about our church’s desires for growth. During her time with us in person, she masterfully guided workshop sessions that maximized the participation of everyone present. Following our time together in person, she maintained contact with our leadership and gave encouragement on taking next practical steps. Andrea is skilled in moving through all three phases of strategic planning, plus her infectious enthusiasm and energy brings out the positivity in others as well.
Pastor Dr. Ed Tarleton

International Baptist Church of Budapest

I have known Andrea for over ten years and worked with her on several projects regarding church health. She is a skilled mediator, a great team player, and passionate in wanting to see churches become focused and functional bodies of Christ. She has multiple tools to draw upon to find the unique path for each church to become a healthy community of Christ. Fluent in both German and English and part of an international church, she is flexible and aware of the challenges faced by churches who go through a lot of transition and need to constantly rebuild leadership.
Pastor Jeff Hinman

International Baptist Church Duesseldorf