Unleash Your Church’s Potential with a Thriving Leadership Pipeline

6-Week Leadership Pipeline Design Cohort: Equip, Empower, and Expand Your Church Leadership Like Never Before.


Embark on a transformative journey with The Malphurs Group’s 6-Week Leadership Pipeline Cohort. Designed with your church’s unique needs in mind, this immersive program empowers leaders like you to cultivate a thriving, faith-driven leadership culture.

Dive deep into hands-on workshops, tailored strategies, and one-on-one coaching sessions, all designed to lead you towards a brighter, more impactful future for the leaders in your church.

You want your church to thrive, to create an impact, and to grow…

but you’re struggling with leadership bottlenecks. Traditional leadership development methods are falling short, leaving you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Introducing the 6-Week Leadership Pipeline Cohort.

This is a transformative journey designed to revolutionize the way you cultivate leaders within your church. With our proven strategies and hands-on workshops, you’re not just getting a program; you’re gaining a lifelong resource.

How It Works

Step 1: Discover

Start your journey with immersive, weekly sessions that unveil the essential principles of effective leadership structure development. In this foundational phase, you'll explore the strategic methodologies that have revolutionized churches globally, setting the stage for your church's leadership transformation.

Step 2: Develop

Beyond learning, this phase is about turning insights into action. You'll engage in practical, hands-on assignments that directly apply to your church's context, fostering skill enhancement and strategic thinking. It's here that your leadership pipeline begins to take shape, tailored by you, for you.

Step 3: Deploy

Your vision becomes your reality. With a strategy refined and a team prepared, you'll implement your bespoke leadership pipeline. But you're not alone — we're with you every step, offering support, feedback, and guidance to ensure your deployment is seamless and your leadership potential is fully realized.

Weekly Breakdown

Cohort Begins Week of January 7, 2024
Week 1: Foundations of a Leadership Leadership Pipeline

Embark on your leadership journey by understanding the bedrock principles of a leadership pipeline. This week focuses on providing you with the foundational knowledge needed to create a leadership path that nurtures growth at every level of your church community

Week 2: Master the Art of Volunteer Recruitment

Discover proven strategies and insights to inspire and engage volunteers. This session will equip you with the tools to attract, retain, and motivate a committed volunteer force, turning passive attendees into active contributors.

Week 3: Uncover the Secrets of an Effective Leadership Development Process

Dive deep into the processes that create strong leaders. Learn how to identify potential, cultivate skills, and provide opportunities for growth. With our guidance, you’ll establish a system that continually elevates leaders who are both spiritually and organizationally adept.

Week 4: Custom-Design Your Pipeline Structure in Our Workshop

Every church is unique, and your leadership pipeline should be, too. This hands-on workshop will guide you in customizing a structure that aligns with your church’s ministries, size, and governance, ensuring a seamless fit and smooth functioning.

Week 5: Define Core Competencies & Craft Comprehensive Job Descriptions

Clearly outlined roles pave the way for effective leadership. This week, we’ll delve into identifying the core competencies essential for various roles within your church. Additionally, you’ll learn how to craft detailed job descriptions, setting clear expectations and responsibilities for each position.

Week 6: Strategize for Success with Our Leadership Development Strategy Workshop

Cap off your training by weaving everything you’ve learned into a cohesive, actionable strategy. This workshop focuses on planning for both immediate and long-term success, ensuring that your church continues to grow and thrive under strong, well-prepared leadership.

One-on-One Quarterly Implementation Coaching Check-ins

Navigating the journey of leadership transformation doesn’t end after six weeks—it requires continuous reflection and adaptation. Our one-on-one quarterly check-ins serve as touchpoints to assess your progress, address any challenges, and fine-tune your approach. With personal guidance from our experienced coaches, these sessions ensure that your church remains on track, capitalizing on the momentum of the cohort while adapting to the evolving needs of your congregation. This personalized support underscores our commitment to seeing you thrive long after the initial training concludes.

What’s Included:

Live Weekly Cohort Meetings

Benefit from an expert leadership pipeline consultant that has partnered with churches around the world to build leadership pipelines plus the wisdom that comes from belonging to a cohort of like-minded leaders. These meetings are approximately 90-120 minutes each week for six weeks.

Custom Pipeline Designed, Guaranteed.

Your church will have a clear structure and process for developing leaders, guaranteed. If you attend all six cohort meetings, you will have a completed structure and an implementation timeline in-hand or you’ll get a full refund.

One-on-One Coaching

Each quarter, you will meet one-on-one with your consultant to address any roadblocks to implementation. These meetings are focused on your specific church and situation. Our team is committed to ensuring that you succeed.

PLUS These Bonuses:

Lifetime Access to Training Content

Get forever access to the Leadership Pipeline Training videos, so that you can train-up other staff and leaders long into the future.

Dozens of Tools & Templates

You don’t have to start from scratch. Use our library of ready-to-customize tools and templates to go from start to done in record time.

One Year of Unlimited Expert Help

Get unrestricted email access to your consultant for a year. You don’t have to wait for your scheduled one-on-one coaching meeting. If you have a question, you can contact your Guide at any time to get help.

What Church Leaders Are Saying:

Cohort Begins Week of January 7, 2024


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Your Questions, Answered.

What is the Six-Week Leadership Pipeline Cohort?

The 6-Week Leadership Pipeline Cohort is a comprehensive training program designed by The Malphurs Group to equip church leaders with strategies, tools, and knowledge to foster a robust leadership culture within their church community.

Who is the program suited for?

This program is tailored for church leaders and pastors seeking to strengthen their church's leadership pipeline, boost volunteer recruitment, and establish effective leadership development processes.

Can more than one person from my church attend the cohort meetings?

To keep the meetings orderly, just one person from the church should attend the cohort meetings. However, as many team members as you like can watch the pre-recorded training videos, participate in the homework exercises, and be involved in the process. All cohort meetings will be recorded, too. So other team members can watch replays as needed.

How many churches can join a single cohort?

To maintain a personalized learning experience and encourage fruitful discussions, each cohort is limited to 10 or fewer churches.

What does the fee cover?

The $997 fee grants you access to all 6 weeks of training, lifetime access to training videos & workbooks, tools and templates, guided workshops, and three one-on-one implementation meetings throughout the implementation phase.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you attend all six cohort meetings, and at the end you do not have a clear implementation plan in-hand, we will give you a full refund. However, if you choose not to attend the meetings and put in the effort, we cannot give a refund. The only exception is if you cancel your spot in the cohort prior to the beginning of the six-week program.

Can I access the training materials after the 6-week program?

Absolutely! You will have lifetime access to all training videos, workbooks, and additional resources even after the cohort has ended.

How are the one-on-one implementation check-ins scheduled?

Following your enrollment, our team will provide you with a calendar link where can schedule these quarterly check-ins at times that are most convenient for you.

What if I have questions outside of the weekly meetings and quarterly check-ins?

We're committed to your success. Participants can always reach out to your consultant with questions or for guidance during the duration of the program. Unlimited email access is included in the fee!

Is this program denominationally affiliated?

No, The Malphurs Group is not denominationally affiliated. However, we hold to evangelical theology and affirm the Lausanne Covenant as our Statement of Faith.