Serving in church leadership comes with  curveballs. 

We offer pastoral coaching for this very reason.

Let’s get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Ever feel like you…


Can’t find focus in the midst of all the noise of ministry.


Need help reaching the goals you've set.


Could use an unbiased opinion to get the feedback you need.

We design our coaching efforts to address the most pressing needs you are facing in ministry.

Here’s what our coaching process looks like


You’ll receive a structured relationship and valuable insights you can depend on.


We’ll listen to you and customize our time together around what surfaces.


You’ll walk away with tools, skills, and resources to step into an even greater season of leadership

Hear From Others In Your Shoes

Our church staff was starting to get stretched thin, and this process unlocked the lay leadership of our church so we could do more ministry than we previously thought possible

Brad Fink
Lead Pastor, Cross Bridge Church

Let’s ensure you
 achieve your ministry goals 
and continue to develop vital leadership skills along the way.