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Churches across Europe are struggling to reach their communities with the Gospel, declining in engagement and influence. But God is not done with your church!

The Malphurs Group is proud to partner with churches across Europe to help them fulfill their Great Commission mission to make and mature more disciples.

Training materials are currently available in English. Materials in French, Italian, and Swedish are in development. Connect with TMG Europe Guide Dany Loverde for more information.

Dany Loverde
Guide for Strategic Envisioning Europe

Our strategic envisioning process with your church will cover a wide range of topics.

The bottom line? You need a proven process to gain disciples and momentum. (fast!) Here’s what you can expect:

Step One - Training

Get everyone in your team on the same page and headed in the right direction together

Step Two - Develop a Plan

We’ll work onsite with you and your team to clarify a shared vision for reaching more people

Step Three - Implementation

Execute your church’s action plan knowing we’ll be walking alongside you for the next twelve months to make sure you’re confident navigating this new path

No other church is just like yours.

You deserve a partner that understands that.

The last thing you need is a one-size-fits-all approach that ends in a three-ring binder filled with overwhelming to-do lists you have to then figure out on your own. Your church family needs a strategic plan that takes your context into account and a trusted partner to guide you through the execution process.

Hear From Others In Your Shoes

Trust the process!  It works! 

“The Strategic Envisioning process is grounded in biblical principles that can be applied practically in any church context.


With the help of well-designed resources, we’ve followed our coaches as they guided our church to recommitment to a biblical mission, reconsider our values, refine our discipleship pathway, and renew our vision for God’s future.”

Scott Corwin
International Baptist Church, Berlin, Germany

So what does this process include? We’re glad you asked!


Mission Statement Development

Rally around a phrase everyone cares about and remembers, not a forgotten string of words on the back of your bulletin

Core Values That Mean Something

Develop or refine the biblical traits that make your church unique

Outreach Strategy Development

Create a plan to meet your community’s needs and introduce more people to Jesus

Discipleship Pathway Alignment

Develop a plan for maturing your church and working in unison

Core Systems Development

Implement a plan that drives systematic growth

Goals Dashboard

Receive a clear yearlong dashboard to ensure your church is staying on track

We know things never go exactly as planned.


That’s exactly why we provide a dedicated implementation specialist to guide you throughout the process.
Every strategic planning process includes twelve months of coaching.

Not ready for Strategic Envisioning?

Begin with the Church Ministry Analysis 2.0

Get a custom report & virtual consultation to discover your church’s health.

Three Easy Steps to Assess Your Church’s Health

On-Board with a Guide

Start the process by connecting 1-on-1 with a Guide who walks you step-by-step through the Church Ministry Analysis process. 

Collect Church Health Data

Using our online tools, we collect data about your church’s health. Your Guide crafts a fully custom-written report for your church.

Start Your Journey to Health

Your leadership team meets virtually with your Guide to explore your report so you understand what you can do to be a healthy, growing church.

The Church Ministry Analysis 2.0 is a Comprehensive, Custom Church Health Assessment.

Track Your Trends

The Church Ministry Analysis 2.0 reveals where your church is in its life cycle, and what the future looks like given your current trajectory.

Measure Your Fundamentals

The Church Ministry Analysis 2.0 gives you a numerical score in the six key areas of church health: mission, values, discipleship, vision, strategy, and leadership.

A Relational Process

Other church health assessments are automated. The Church Ministry Analysis 2.0 is relationally-driven. You connect with a Guide who cares about your church and walks you through the process.

Custom-Written Report

Our reports are not automated. A Guide personally interprets your survey data and writes an analysis that accounts for the nuances of your church.

Virtual Consultation

Your leadership team needs to be able to ask questions and get objective feedback. The Church Ministry Analysis 2.0 includes a virtual consultation with your Guide to explore your report and address concerns.

Opportunities for Next Steps

The Malphurs Group is a leading non-profit in helping churches get healthy. The Church Ministry Analysis 2.0 includes actionable next steps you can take on your own or in partnership with your Guide to get healthy and grow.

Only €99

Because The Malphurs Group is a non-profit supported by generous donors, we offer an unparalleled level of care at an unmatchable price. At just 99, you won’t have to worry about getting approvals from multiple councils or committees. You can get the help you need today.

Fill out the form to register for the Church Ministry Analysis 2.0. Immediately after registration and payment, you will be taken to a calendar page to schedule your onboarding meeting with a Guide to begin the process.

Your Guide will walk you step-by-step through the process from there!

Not ready to register, and want to ask a few questions first? We get it.

Email Dany.