“The harvest is plentiful.” – Jesus

More than 80% of the churches in the United States are plateaued or in decline. Unfortunately, many of the churches who need outside assistance the most are the ones least able to afford it. Our vision at The Malphurs Group is to help as many of these churches as possible, and as of 2017, TMG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This allows us to gain the support of churches, individuals, and organizations that share our passion and vision for a revitalized Church. As Jesus said in Matthew 9, “the harvest is plentiful.” We believe that if we can empower and equip declining churches to be healthy again, the Kingdom of God will rapidly expand in North America and around the globe.

Why does the Church need TMG?

Because the world needs the Church.

The 21st century culture of the United States and around the world in developed countries has taken a dramatic departure from traditional morality to one of secular moral relativism where nearly anything goes as long as it makes you happy.  For 2,000 years the antidote to this type of thinking has been the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The last century though has seen the Western Church go from its peak to a swift decline. Building up the Church is the first line of support to fixing our broken culture. The Malphurs Group exists to bolster the local church in a way that allows them to combat this moral downward spiral in their communities in ways unique to their local culture to make disciples and maximize their impact for Christ.  We need your help to continue this work.

  • More churches are closing each year than opening.
  • More people are identifying with no faith affiliation or are turning to false religions and heretical teaching.
  • Fewer self-identified Christians are attending church and growing in their faith.
  • The tenure of pastors is reducing and more are leaving the work altogether.
  • Churches with the greatest need, smaller churches, cannot afford quality, long-term help.
  • Denominational resources for strategic planning and revitalization are not staffed or funded well enough for the need.

After more than 20 years of serving churches from Dr. Malphurs humble beginnings as a professor simply seeking to impart wisdom to those who were struggling, The Malphurs Group now serves churches all across North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

The Lord has moved us to specifically position ourselves to help churches regardless of their ability to pay.  Your generous partnership with us will make that a reality.  Our ministry is designed to be scalable so that as donations increase we can add more Guides to serve more churches each year.

The Malphurs Group is a non-profit recognized by GuideStar with the Bronze Seal of Transparency.

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Do you share our vision?

If you share our Vision, please consider sowing into the Kingdom with us. All of your donations are tax-deductible, and can be given securely through our donation portal. Thank you for investing in the Vision of a revitalized Church!