This week’s episode is unique. Earlier in the week, A.J. and I hosted a webinar on Crisis Logistics in the church. Given the rapidly evolving situation with the coronavirus, we wanted to release the full, unedited audio of that webinar on our podcast to help your church prepare for a potential crisis. Put simply, if your church had to stop meeting for a few weeks, would you be ready to meet the spiritual and logistical needs that would arise?

Additional resources such as a full set of notes and a downloadable Crisis Logistics PDF checklist can be accessed below. 

Episode Resources:

You can instantly download all of the resources from the Crisis Logistics Webinar… no forms required!

Full Webinar PowerPoint Notes PDF.

Crisis Logistics Checklist PDF

Full Webinar Video Recording on YouTube (to watch or share with your team)

Scott Ball is the Director of Services and a Lead Guide with TMG. He lives in East Tennessee with his wife and two children. (Email Scott)