Leadership Pipeline Design Workshop

January 27-28 | Arlington, TX

Never beg for volunteers again.

Date: January 27-28, 2020
Cost: $500, includes up to 5 attendees
Location: Arlington, TX | Venue TBA


How would you feel if every ministry in your church was fully staffed? Not just one week, but week after week. What if your board members were more effective? What if you knew what your next three hires would be, and when to make them? What if your staff had margin in their schedule for innovation, and weren’t on the verge of burnout–constantly on the hunt for more volunteers?

Building a Leadership Pipeline is about creating a culture of leadership development and recruitment in your church from the bottom-up. In fact, not having the right leadership structure and leadership development systems is one of the biggest barriers to growth facing the average church.

TMG’s Leadership Pipeline framework works in every church, regardless of size, polity, or denomination because it is customizable to your unique congregation.

At the end of the workshop, each church will walk away with:

  • A new organizational chart that spans from your frontline volunteers to your senior board positions.
  • A blueprint for staffing so you know your next critical hires and when to make them.
  • A custom leadership competency matrix so you know if you have the right leaders in the right place
  • A reliable volunteer recruitment system so you never have to beg for volunteers again
  • A custom system for assessing leaders
  • A training schedule for the next 12 months
  • An action plan for implementing your new Leadership Pipeline
  • Customizable and downloadable templates for Leadership Pipeline implementation

The sessions will run from 9am-4pm each day with a break for lunch. Each church can bring up to five participants. Lunch will be provided.