Clarity Drives Ministry

Church Revitalization Podcast – Episode 68

Want to see greater ministry fruit, a more productive staff, and less office drama?  Communicate clearly. Lack of clarity in communication to ministry leaders delays effective church ministry.  As Donald Miller says, “If you confuse, you lose,” and that is exactly what happens in churches every day.  I don’t think pastors and leaders are usually intentionally vague or misleading, but it happens.  For some, it’s a personality flaw, and for others, a habit.  In either case, it’s something that can be corrected.

This week on the Church Revitalization Podcast, we talked through three principles for better leadership communication to help you sharpen your leadership.

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Principle 1: Communicate Promptly

Whether or not a situation is at the appropriate stage for a decision on anything, responding to people promptly is a mark of good leadership and communication. Technology and culture have driven communication options and methods into the stratosphere, and most of us have numerous ways that we communicate with various groups of people in our lives.  Many of those methods actually allow us to see if someone has read our message.  Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, just to name a couple, show this easily.  If you choose to not respond to someone in a reasonable amount of time, you’re not hiding.  You’re showing your cards as a poor communicator.  It’s a mark of integrity, respect, and leadership to respond to people.  If you lead a team, you’ll earn their respect for this principle as a part of your skillset.

Principle 2: Stop Couching Your Communication

If you’ve employed this bad habit for any period of time, your team has surely picked up on it and hates it.  They just don’t want to tell you.  I’m talking about indecisiveness and failing to end discussions when they need to be ended.  Telling someone that their idea is good when it’s not, or that you’ll think about something when you won’t just kicks the can down the road for an even more uncomfortable conversation later.  Leaders lead, and this is an area that needs to be mastered.  Unfortunately, leadership comes with tough decisions sometimes, but the benefit is a clear direction for the team, and unity in mission and vision.

A great scapegoat for shooting down bad ideas is a clear mission and vision in the church.  If you’ve set your ministry on a clear path, then making sure nothing gets in the way of it or diverts your attention is a must.  Bad ideas with good intentions still need to be dismissed.  The trick here is doing this in a way that builds people up, shows them respect, and helps align them better into the mission and vision.  Kindness is always a winning leadership trait.

Principle 3: Do What You Say

The follow-through!  A must in successful leadership.  It’s an integrity issue to not do what you’ve said you would do.  Your actions (or inaction) may speak louder than your words.  The servant heart in a leader drives this.

The other side of this coin is owning your mistakes.  It’s going to happen sooner or later.  You’ll mess something up.  It’s an integrity issue to not lead well through your own failures.

As mentioned above, your church needs clarity in mission and vision, and that is something that we can help you with.  The best place to start in that effort is with an assessment of your church that can show where your work should center.  Our Church Ministry Analysis is now only $99 thanks to the generosity of donors sewing into our ministry for your benefit.  This guided service will help you understand how your church is doing in six key areas of church health.  Don’t put this off another day.  There’s too much at stake for your church to not be the best it can at making and maturing disciples of Jesus.

A.J. Mathieu is the President of the Malphurs Group. He is passionate about helping churches thrive. A.J. lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, enjoys the outdoors, and loves spending time with his wife and two sons. Click here to email A.J.

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