When we use the term leadership pipeline, we need to define exactly what we mean if we value clarity. Otherwise, we may assume that we know and agree on what we’re talking about when we don’t.


What is a leadership pipeline?

A leadership pipeline is another term for leadership development. My colleague Brad Bridges refers to leadership pipelines as “the visual context and process where leader development is conceptualized, planned, and measured.” Your leadership pipeline is how you go about recruiting and developing leaders in and for your ministry.

The question here is: do you have a clear, simple memorable pathway for developing leaders at every level of your church? Do most individuals understand and know where they are along that pathway? If not, you need to evaluate how you are developing leaders.

How does a leadership pipeline work?

The leadership pipeline will look different for every ministry and every context. But there will be many elements that remain consistent. For example, all leadership pipelines clarify processes, competencies, evaluation, and metrics (they should, at least).

Where do individuals in your church go to get trained in serving? How do they know where there are needs? Who does the training? Are your staff the main individuals carrying the load? Think about how you can get the congregation engaged in your ministry activities.

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