2015 proved to be a great year full of ministry, family, teaching, and writing. My book Re:Vision was published towards end of 2014 and then Developing a Vision for Ministry was released in 2015. Needless to say, I have been occupied with research and writing (in addition to my other roles); however, I did get a chance to read some books that were beneficial and enlightening to me. Below you will find my 6 top books from 2015:


6 Top Books from 2015

Tribal Church (Steve Stroope)

Looking to make a big impact within your church? Steve Stroope at Lake Point Church in Rockwall, TX writes about the importance of focusing on and taking care of the “tribes” within your church. These tribes, in turn, will impact your ministry and influence moving forward. Don’t neglect the smaller groups in the face of a big congregation….


Contemporary Worship Music (John M. Frame)

This is an older book; however, it was a good book to go back and read because of the timeless Biblical truths regarding contemporary worship music. As the subtitle suggests, Frame writes a defense for the utility and impact of contemporary worship music today. It’s a great resource to have, in order to quell any “worship wars” your congregation and/or leadership may be having.


Happy (Ian K. Smith)

For a non-reglious read, I read through Happy. The basic premise is that in order to be truly happy, you need to be happy with yourself and content. Dr. Smith has written on health and diet topics previously and with this book he focuses on maintaining positivity, simplifying life, and  enjoying the simple things life has to offer.


Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)

How well can you read others emotions? Are you aware of your own emotions and how they affect your daily life? This book on emotional intelligence will help you gain a better understanding of emotions and how they can impact your relationships, your workplace, and your personal interactions with others.


Primal Leadership (Golemon, Boyatzis, and McKee)

Primal Leadership deals with emotional intelligence and how it drastically impacts those around you. This book is written for a wide-range audiences – not just the business world. When you understand your emotions and the emotions of those around you, your ability to lead, empathize, and make deeper connections with those around you increases. A higher success rate occurs with leaders of possessing a higher emotional intelligence, as they leave with higher job satisfaction, as do their fellow team members.


Church Locality (Jim Tomberlin and Tim Cool)

If you are looking for answers on where your church, church plant, or campus should be located, check out this book. It will guide you on the questions to think through when choosing where your church body will worship. The location can truly impact the ways that your church can serve, provide various ministries, and involve the community. Make sure you are asking the crucial questions regarding locale and use this book for your guideline.