We hope you had a great 2015 and eagerly look forward to what God has in store for you, your family, and your ministry as you impact the world for Christ in 2016 and beyond.

As we enter a new year, we compiled a list of some of the top blog posts from the navigators on The Malphurs Group team as they consulted with hundreds of leaders throughout the year. Many thanks to Aubrey Malphurs, Ron Donnini, Brad Bridges, AJ Mathieu, and many others for your contributions that enabled us to not only serve large amounts of pastors and church leaders on site through church consulting but also through in-depth resources like leadership link, giveaways, and research shared here at MalphursGroup.com.


Top Blog Posts from The Malphurs Group in 2015

1. 13 Deadly Sins of a Dying Church

In my ministry as a church consultant and through discussions with countless pastors from over 30 states, 10 denominations, and churches varying in size from under 50 to above 5000, I developed this list of 13 deadly sins of a dying church. Some wisely want us to get honest about the true anatomy of a deceased church but I remain hopeful as we have seen revitalization efforts shift churches from dying to growing. I believe we could see a dramatic shift in churches willing to humbly admit weakness, serve their communities, and make the necessary changes to transform their ministries. <FULL POST>

2. 11 Church Hospitality Tips to Serve Guests

“No one greeted me.”
“The church was unfriendly.”
“They clearly don’t plan to have any guests.”

No pastor wants their church to be known for any of these.

We decided to create a list of 11 small things your church can do to make your guests feel more welcome. Every first impressions team will benefit from this list as they invest in the guest experience by seeing their church through the eyes of a Sunday secret shopper. <FULL POST>

3. DNA of an Unfriendly Church

Imagine the worst church experience you have ever had. How could it be made better? Churches should regularly evaluate themselves to ensure you aren’t an unfriendly church that is turning away visitors. What’s your guest experience like? Have you tested it recently? <FULL POST>

4. 15 Reasons Why Committed Christians Do Not Attend Church (as often)

From what I’ve been reading and hearing lately, there are many “good, solid, and faithful” Christian people who have decided not to reduce the frequency of their time in corporate worship. Certainly, there are those whom (for whatever reason) have walked away from God and have, therefore, left the Church. But many faithful believers are shifting their church attendance patterns, and here are a 15 reasons why committed Christians do not attend church services as often. As this trend will likely grow in 2016, the churches who can innovate as they design discipleship pathways will find themselves with the most robust leadership pipelines and healthy churches. <FULL POST>

5. 9 Vital Components of Church Revitalization

Church revitalization carries both challenges and joys. Revitalizing a declining or plateaued church challenges the congregation, provides opportunity for change and evaluation, and will inevitably cause some growing pains in the process. When looking to revitalize your church, have you considered what the vital components of church revitalization are? <FULL POST>

6. 9 Obstacles to Effective Communication in the Church

Few people know how to deliver effective communication in the church. With all the choices and options we have today, how does one know the best way to ensure the congregation gets the right information? If you struggle with this, you are not alone. You may have experienced any (or all) of these 9 obstacles to effective communication in the church. <FULL POST>

7. 12 Challenges to Building a Leadership Pipeline in Your Church

It is easy to talk about leadership development, but developing disciple-making leaders is a far greater challenge. It requires us to address the challenges to building a leadership pipeline in your church.

Any time you try to intentionally develop leaders, you will face enormous challenges. I’ve faced these challenges while serving every type of church from multi-site, missional, rural, mid-size, to traditional churches…. <FULL POST>

8. 8 Ways Healthy Churches are Killing the Church to Save the Church

So many people fight for the survival of their church at all costs. I’m sure most mean well, but what’s wrong with killing the church to save the church? Many churches are killing the church as we once knew it and refocusing on areas of church health.

We have found that healthy churches are unwilling to accept what is unhealthy. They make changes even when it isn’t popular, because it is the right thing to do. Most of them are engaged in one or more of these 8 ways healthy churches are killing the church to save the church. <FULL POST>

9. 10 Ways Privilege Hurts the Church

Privilege hurts the church. It robs us of what God intended for us. It stands in stark contrast to the life of Jesus.

As you consider privilege, you may be reminded of past or present privilege or injustices that have caused pain in your life. You likely will also see ways your own privilege, abuse of privilege, or seeking privilege has hurt yourself, the church, and society.

But we would like to challenge you to 1. reconsider your views of privilege, 2. consider how your privilege(s) or holding onto privilege impacts others, and 3. honestly wrestle with one or two areas of privilege that you may need to release. <FULL POST>

10. 3 Critical Tips for Aligning Church Staff

Aligning church staff is a critical factor to having a successful ministry. When you successfully align your staff, the impact you make on the kingdom will increase substantially. The next time you prepare to hire a new staff member consider these tips for aligning your church staff… <FULL POST>