Many churches find that the overwhelming majority of their ministries are focused internally or on another part of the globe. One of the biggest struggles churches face today is how to impact their own community. Marriage Coaching (click here to get a copy of the book Marriage Coaching: is one of the most strategic ways that you can bless your community. Marriage Coaching is NOT counseling, consulting, or mentoring. It is a skills based approach that’s easily transferable, usable by virtually any couple, and a tool that any church could deploy to impact their people internally and externally. Here are a couple benefits of Marriage Coaching for your church:

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1) Strengthen Your Church’s Marriages One of the quickest areas you can implement marriage coaching is with a small or a large group of couples. People in general and couples especially don’t do a good job listening, expressing their honest thoughts, or in resolving conflicts in a way that honors both parties. The big question is: How different would your church be if each couple received marriage coaching training to strengthen, heal, and protect their marriages? 2) Bless/Resource Your Community Churches often think of only soup kitchens, construction, and alleviating poverty when they think of community outreach. Don’t misunderstand me, all of those things are important and special. However, it would truly be inspiring to see more of us investing in marriages around our community rather than always criticizing others or talking about the divorce rate. As a church, let’s start trying to deliver a solution rather than focusing on problems. 3) Cultivates Coaching in the Next Generation When you train couples in how to utilize coaching principles in their marriage, you often find that they begin utilizing the same principles with their kids. Imagine the difference it would make in youth around America if their parents listened to them, helped them develop solutions to struggles they faced, and also collaborated with them to create goals as a family. Let us know if you or your church is interested in receiving Marriage Coaching training. The Malphurs Group has been asking recently how we could better help churches impact their community and can’t wait to see more churches impact their marriages community wide.


Brad Bridges is the Vice President of the Malphurs Group, a leadership coach, strategy consultant, blogger at, husband to Lindsey, and father of 3. | @bradbridges | Website