a process to help your church experience healthy, sustainable growth


MAKE & MATURE MORE followers of JESUS.

Strategic Envisioning is a proven process to help your church clarify a shared dream and plan for the future so that you can gain disciple-making momentum.






Prepare the groundwork for growth and change.

To know where you want to go, you have to know where you are.

In the Prepare phase, TMG will conduct our Church Ministry Analysis so you can understand:

– where your church is on the Organizational Life Cycle

– identify key metric trends (and what is driving those trends)

– identify strength and weakness trends (identifying the “gas” and “brakes” in your church).

You will also create a Strategic Leadership Team who will function as the key voices in the process and the drivers for implementation.

Your Church will thrive when you have clarity around a few core decisions and Systems.

In the Plan phase, TMG will conduct three on-site sessions that will ensure that your church has a clear, shared plan and dream for the future that will drive healthy, sustainable growth.

    Session 1: Mission & Core Values

    Churches must have a unity through a clear, biblical Mission and Core Values.

    While many churches assume that they are on the same page, they often are not.

    In our process, your church’s Mission and Core Values are the basis for decision-making in subsequent sessions, which is why significant time is invested in making sure the church has unified, clear, and Biblical foundation.

    Deliverable: Mission Statement & Core Values Credo

    Session 2: Discipleship Pathway

    Churches must align themselves around the few, core steps that actually make and mature disciples.

    This pivotal session analyzes the church’s impact in community outreach and their effectiveness in maturing believers. We will streamline your church’s ministry to maximize their impact, and make a blueprint for future ministry structure.

    Deliverable: Discipleship Pathway & Ministry Blueprint 

    Session 3: Vision & Strategy

    Churches must have a compelling vision for the future and a clear understanding of how they will get there.

    In the final on-site session, your church will define a three-part vision: long-range, mid-range, and a one-year dashboard for success. You will also select 3-5 strategy objectives (specific initiatives) for the upcoming year, which will drive you towards your vision and help you gain momentum in your Great Commission mission.

    Deliverables: Long-Range (5-10 Year) Vision, Mid-Range Vision (Culture Shifts), One-Year Dashboard, 3-5 Strategy Objectives

    STEP 2: PLAN

    create a shared dream & plan for the future that drives healthy growth.

    What is a session like?

    On-site sessions are approximately seven hours of meeting time. Typically churches follow a Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 8am-Noon structure. All sessions are in three consecutive months. Process pacing is important, and over the last 20 years we have found this rhythm to be particularly effective.

    Each session has two primary components: 

    Not every person on your Strategic Leadership Team is operating from the same level of competency. Each session makes sure the team is using the same language the same way with the necessary information to be effective in decision-making.

    Our sessions are leveraged for making decisions, not having discussions. Our guided workshop tools empower your team to act on issues you may have danced around for years.

    step 3: Perform

    implement action plans & gain disciple-making momentum.

    The key to transforming your church is through executing the plan.

    The greatest challenge facing churches is not developing plans, it’s following through with them. For this reason, TMG is committed to partnering with churches for the long haul so that you can gain momentum in implementation.

    Utilizing a four-part implementation process, TMG helps your church turn your big goals into bite-sized steps through 90-day Action Plans. 

    Your TMG Guide will partner with you through remote coaching for one year following your on-site sessions to ensure proper implementation.

    A Comprehensive Process

    A brief look at the Strategic Envisioning Deliverables.

    Church Health Assessment

    We provide an in-depth analysis of the trends driving your church.

    First Impressions Evaluation

    We assess how effective your church is at reaching newcomers.

    Mission Statement Development

    Your church will revise or draft an effective Great Commission Mission.

    Core Values

    Your church will discover core and aspirational Biblical core values.

    Outreach Strategy Development

    Create a plan to share Christ & meet the unique needs of your community.

    Discipleship Pathway Alignment

    Develop a plan for maturing disciples, and align ministries to that Pathway.

    Core Systems Development

    Assess and develop the core systems that drive healthy growth.

    Long-Term Vision Statement

    Articulate a shared dream for the impact God is calling the church to make.

    Culture Shift Identification

    Clarify the major shifts your church must make to accomplish the vision.

    One-Year Goals Dashboard

    Draft a clear one-year dashboard to measure your church’s progress.

    Staffing & Structure Review

    Assess the current structure–including volunteers, staff, and board.

    Strategic Objectives Selection

    Select targeted strategy objectives tied to the church’s vision.

    Implementation System

    Leverage a proven system for effectively implementing strategy.

    Follow-up Coaching Calls

    One year of accountability and advice to ensure the church’s success.

    Grants for Qualifying Churches

    The Malphurs Group is a non-profit organization and works to keep the costs for Strategic Envisioning as low as possible. Additional grant funds may be available for qualifying churches. Talk with a Guide to learn more.


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