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Other consulting services from The Malphurs Group.

In addition to Strategic Envisioning, The Malphurs Group offers four additional consulting services. Click on the buttons below to learn more about each consulting service.

Leadership Pipeline Design

Leadership Development is foundational to the success of any long-term vision within the church.

Most churches begin with the wrong question when it comes to vision and strategy implementation: “how?” The more important question is: “who?”

The best plans, strategy, and vision can only exist on paper without the human resource power to accomplish the goals. Therefore, the purpose of Pipeline Design is to focus first on the who of vision and strategy implementation, and then the how of the who. More specifically, how do we get the right people in the right positions with the right training. And further, if we do not have the right people with the right training, how do we begin to bridge those gaps?

The principles which guide TMG’s leadership development framework are consistent in each church, but the implications are proprietary and unique to each congregation. Our Pipeline Design consulting addresses both the guiding framework (general) and your church’s context (specific).

The Leadership Pipeline Design consulting is divided into two phases:

Phase 1

Two days of on-site consulting
– Day 1: Seminar-style training for all staff re: principles, terminology, and process of Leadership Development and Pipeline Design
– Day 2: Hands-on workshop with high-level leaders developing structures, competencies, training venues, and actionable timeline for implementation

Phase 2

Remote coaching check-in’s at regular intervals (one month, three months, six months, and one year) to ensure proper Pipeline implementation


Great boards lead well together.

Leadership. Authority. Direction. Vision.  An effective church board is vital for leading towards a common vision.  All too often boards miss that balance of authority with delegation.  TMG can help your board become more effective leaders and even help re-craft your constitution to allow for more effective board leadership.


Most people decide to return to a church (or not) in the first seven minutes.

You read that right. Seven minutes!

What if you served people so well in those first seven minutes that they returned next week and heard the Gospel message? Our First Impressions Evaluation can help.


Pre-trip assessment of website, social media, and office staff hospitality
On-site assessment of worship, physical campus, ministries, and more
Post-trip written report including nearly 100 points of evaluation
Video conference consultation with your staff and leadership

Guests see things you don’t. What are blind spots for you are obvious for them, and you do not get a second chance at a first impression.


You cannot determine where you want to go until you understand where you are.

The purpose of the Church Ministry Analysis (CMA) is to bring the church to a place where it can see itself objectively — to face reality. It forces the church to avoid the “ostrich effect.” That is, it is easy for many devoted people in a congregation to remain engrossed in heritage, tradition, programming or even their own opinion, all the while ignoring things in its environment that are blatantly obvious to those who are objective enough to see reality.

The analysis also helps the church to face what we call the “iceberg effect.” 80% of the iceberg remains submerged below the waterline, outside of view. Similarly, most of an organization’s reality exists below what might be visible at first glance. The CMA forces the church to recognize what might not be readily apparent.

Our Church Ministry Analysis Service includes:

Online Church Ministry Analysis survey with select members of your congregation
Custom written report with consultant’s interpretation of survey data
Readiness for Change Audit, which analyzes your church’s readiness for strategic change
Remote video consultation with key staff and leaders
Freedom to apply CMA fee into on-site consulting, costing the church no additional funds

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