What if your church had 3 simple steps to church revitalization? When people think about bringing in a church consultant, they often think of complexity rather than clarity. If you had 3 simple steps to church revitalization, it would simplify in your mind what it takes to turn around your church. It would simplify the vision clarity and operational planning process for your church. It would make your operations strategic, your vision clear, and your process straightforward. It would provide what most pastors and church leaders need — clarity.

When your church is growing quickly and you need to scale up, you shouldn’t slow everything down and destroy the momentum your church. You’ve worked hard to see things improve not only the main campus but on all of your campuses. Pastors need very clear steps to revitalize a church. What you need is simplicity to drive vision clarity.

How about when a church is stagnant or declining in size, diagnosis is also the first step to refocusing and re-energizing. How do we refocus and re-energize? How do we deploy these 3 simple steps to church revitalization? Take a look a the steps to church revitalization below and ask yourself what steps you need to take.


3 Simple Steps to Church Revitalization:

Step #1: ASSESSMENT – Assessment is the foundation for understand, planning and implementation.

  • Discover needs of community and potential new ministries.
  • Assess leadership capability and needs.
  • Identify church systems in need of restoration. Nelson Searcy of Church Leader Insights identifies eight systems of a healthy church:
  1. The weekend service system.
  2. The outreach/evangelism system.
  3. The assimilation system.
  4. The small groups system.
  5. The ministry mobilization system.
  6. The stewardship system.
  7. The leadership development system.
  8. The strategy planning system.
  • Research legal documents and history. History and legal documents need to be researched in order to identify potential threats to growth.

Step #2: ALIGNMENT – Where you align what makes your church unique with your key initiatives moving forward.

  • Recover faith factors. In chapter three of the book “Comeback Churches” Ed Stetzer identifies three faith factors that are essential to church revitalization:
  1. A renewed belief in Jesus Christ and the mission of the Church.
  2. A renewed attitude for servanthood.
  3. Strategic prayer efforts.
  • Discover/recover the unique, God given mission, vision, values. The revitalization team should potentially participate in a series of meetings with a church consultant, attend a basic training for church planters, or some other event for additional training. They should also take advantage of coaching networks. Suggested reading lists can also help discover a vision for the community.
  • Make necessary identity changes. Name? Signs? Location? What identity changes may be necessary to birth new vision and energy in the church? (Has it been a few years since your church last had a Sunday Secret Shopper Visit?)
  • Restore needed church systems for life and health. See above comment about church systems. What systems will need new energy and attention going forward?


  • Vision renewal launch service. Plan for a vision renewal celebration as the church moves into a period of advancement and growth.
  • Plant, water, and bring in the harvest. The church should experience some growth as systems are slowly restored. Outreach, assimilation, and small groups will help move people to Christ and spiritual maturity.
  • Multiply disciples, leaders, and ministries. A new generation of leaders will begin to emerge that will carry the Church into the future.
  • Partner in Acts 1:8 Missions. The church will be capable of taking on missions endeavors beyond its Jerusalem. It can potentially assist other churches with revitalization/renewal.

As you can see, these 3 simple steps to church revitalization can launch your church in the right direction quickly and without overly complicating things. Where do you need to focus in order to get started? Let us know if you have questions or would like to share about the situations that make your church unique. We’re happy to help as you take the next steps to revitalize your church.

Source: This post originally appeared on the website of Lane Corley.


Lane Corley is not only a contributor on the Malphurs Group blog but also a church planter and strategist for the Louisiana Baptist Convention. He is the husband to Heather and father to 3 children. || @LaneCorley || www. lanecorley.com ||