I struck out. Not once. Not twice. But three times. 0 for 3. #fail

You’ve felt that way. You failed. You forgot a crucial task. Your team plateaued.

All organizations experience vision limp. We reach that plateau. We become consumed by activity. We trade vision for a monotony prison.

vision limp


3 Shifts to Eviscerate Vision Limp

1) From suture to future

Day to day fires erupt. First we get interrupted. Soon we live for the interruptions. Interruptions consume our day and thinking. Shift from sutures (“urgent” interruptions) to future. Visionaries paint a picture of the future.

Past and present inform future vision. But future vision doesn’t conform to the past.

2) From mission language to vision

Nearly 90% of all leaders communicate mission language when asked about their vision. We are battling a vacuum of vision. Don’t state what you will do (mission). Visualize a future result of strategic action.

Visionaries create the future with words before realizing it with their actions.

3) From status quo to status know

Most pastors don’t achieve vision clarity. The status quo is here. Get a church ministry analysis to make sure you are properly assessing your church and its ministries.

If you don’t know where you are going you’ve chosen the status quo.

Evacuate the status quo. Move to status know. Clarify your vision. Identify priority metrics. Unleash a focused team. The day you hit 0-3, you can chose to avoid that feeling at all costs. You can also choose to normalize it, to create a pattern.

Go eviscerate your vision limp. If you don’t, your temporary 0-3 will become a slump. If you do, your 0-3 will become a celebrated memory of failing forward towards vision clarity.


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Brad Bridges is the Vice President of the Malphurs Group, a leadership coach, strategy consultant, blogger at bradbridges.net, husband to Lindsey, and father of 3. | @bradbridges | Website